Since March 2000, Unwelcome Guests has been broadcasting audio information about wealth, power, and peoples' resistance to the Corporate World Order (previously, "New World Order"). Unwelcome Guests is produced by Chris Sturr, Jesse Lind, Lyn Gerry, and Shawn Ewald. The producers encourage listeners to make and distribute copies for not-for-profit purposes.

The Unwelcome Guests Collective Archives at the A-Infos Radio Project contains an archive of all broadcasts as .mp3 files. The Unwelcome Guests Website contains a broadcast schedule and links to useful resources. In addition, the icons found at the top and bottom of the website's homepage are links to information about the individuals depicted.

For old shows, browse the show descriptions:

The primary StumbleUpon group, SU Unwelcome Guests, has information and discussion about guests of the shows by guest name. A secondary StumbleUpon group, SU UG Index, lists the contents of specific shows by show number and date. The group owner recommends downloading the audio files of shows that appeal to you, listening, then commenting and discussing what you heard in a discussion thread associated with specific guests in the SU Unwelcome Guests Forum. Also, see the thread for general comments or discussion.

Introduction to Unwelcome Guests

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