There are very few companies in India which have developed a very strong revenue generation model from .com portals. Among the very few names that we can take is and Junglee - of the past as they generated enough revenues from the 'Sale' of their portals. However, can India ever hope to have an Ebay or a Skype or an Amazon ever?

What is that holds India back ? We are the recognised Software masters of the world and this means there is no shortage of 'Grey Matter'.

Is it the non-penetration of Broadband in India ? Yes, that could be one of the reasons as it does not develop enough HOME Traffic to generate International Interest.

I personally think that one of the most important thing is the SHORTAGE Of RIGHT FUNDS to RIGHT PEOPLE. Compare US with India.. If an Indian develops a good business idea, it would be easier for him to develop a Business with support from Private Equity players in USA. However, in India it would be much harder.. There is no availability of funds for the right projects.. Only those who can somehow arrange own funds or are REALLY PERSISTENT can hope to get going inspite of all drawbacks. Or it is only the big companies with right infrastructure and Funds , who can hope to create something new.. I hope the day comes when the common enterpreneur in India has access to right funding..And you will see the next EBAY'S AND SKYPEs coming from India.