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My name is Nashoba Aki which translates as Father Wolf.

I am a Native American of the Chahta Nation.

I love life - all it's bumps, forks in the road, hill and valleys.

I greatly enjoy people - all kinds. I especially like to talk with those that don't agree with me on something - and that includes just about everybody.

My objective is to post something each day to make you laugh, something to make you cry, something to make you think, something to make your spirit soar, something to make you angry. If I do that, I will hopefully have made your day better while fulfilling the basic purpose of SU.

I do not post just what agrees with my opinions and sensibilities. How boring that is. There are some things that I am passionate about and that will show up from time to time. Children, Native Americans, Human Dignity, the Preservation of our Freedom, the well being of Mother Earth.