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Wikipedia:Adam Curtis is a television filmmaker. Two of his series of documentaries/commentaries have been adapted for radio.

The Power of Nightmares (2004)Edit

Wikipedia:The Power of Nightmares

Part 1 - Baby It's Cold OutsideEdit

Unwelcome Guests 335. Casting Shadows: Coal, Industry, School and the State.

Part 2 - The Phantom VictoryEdit

Unwelcome Guests 336. The Politics of Knowing: Media, Science, Education, War, Capital and the State.

Part 3 - The Shadows in the CaveEdit

Unwelcome Guests 337. Growing Freedom: Fighting Corporate Strategies of Control of Food and Ideas.

The Century of the Self (2002)Edit

Part 1 - Happiness MachinesEdit

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Part 2 - The Engineering of ConsentEdit

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Part 3 - There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be DestroyedEdit

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Part 4 - Eight People Sipping Wine in KetteringEdit

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